Cinnamon Toast Cereal Crunch

Eat it and you’ll be 8 years old again! Topped with crunchy bits of cinnamon toast crunch cereal, it’s breakfast for dessert!

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Maple Pecan

We make our own candied pecans with a hint of cayenne pepper. Our maple ice cream is an intense rich flavor that has just enough sweetness! Mixed with the chopped candied pecans there’s a slight kick of cayenne heat. A Rori’s Creamery favorite!!

Wild Berry Chocolate Crisp

Our mix of seasonal berries blended into this creamy smooth ice cream, sprinkled with dark chocolate covered rice crispies.

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Serious Dark Chocolate

We’re not kidding…it’s seriously dark. We use 72% Belgian dark chocolate and French dark cocoa creating a rich creamy and slightly smoky flavor of the best bittersweet chocolate.

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Vanilla Bean

Tahitian vanilla beans are what gives this ice cream that deep intense vanilla flavor. We cold steep the beans for 2 days to create the smooth silky not-too-sweet flavor that has made this a Rori’s favorite.

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Fresh Mint Patty

Never has mint tasted so fresh! We cold steep the mint for 2 days in the cream so it tastes just like it’s been picked from the garden. We make our own mint patties dipped in Belgian dark chocolate.

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Salted Caramel

No caramel flavoring goes into this ice cream. We make our caramel with organic sugar until it reaches a deep amber color then we add in Maldon sea salt. This is by far our best seller and you’ll see why.

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Cup O’ Joe Spinelli

Named after Rori’s dad, this is a rich espresso ice cream with a hint of smoky smooth bittersweet chocolate flavor.

Milk Chocolate Chunk

Creamy milk chocolate ice cream with chards of milk chocolate melts in your mouth. (this is Rori’s favorite ice cream!)

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Malted Milk Ball

Malt ice cream mixed with old fashioned malt balls creates this nostalgic favorite. Kids and grown ups love this one!

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NY Strawberry Cheesecake

Fresh strawberry ice cream made with cream cheese mixed with house made graham cracker crust makes this the next best thing to living in NY eating Juniors famous cheese cake.

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Lemon Curd

This is a bright, creamy, refreshing ice cream that’s not too sweet. Tiny flecks of lemon zest and a touch of butter really give it the taste and feel of real lemon curd.

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Root Beer Float

It took a long time to create the exact flavor where the root beer and the ice cream meet in a float. But we’re here to tell you we did it!!! Sassafras and birch is the base combined with vanilla…perfection!

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Roman’s Chocolate Coconut

This dark rich chocolate ice cream is made with organic coconut milk instead of cream.

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We make our own Speculoos cookies and steep them in cream for two days. That’s it and bam… you have an amazing cinnamon shortbread ice cream with a little cookie viscosity to add to the texture.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Candy Swirl

Peanut butter ice cream with house made chunky peanut butter dark chocolate candies and a peanut butter cream swirl. The mecca of peanut butter lovers!

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Hazelnut-arama! Nutella ice cream with swirls of our Nutella cream sauce and toasted hazelnuts.

Honey Almond Crunch

We make house made honey almond brittle and break it up into our honey ice cream both made with San Marcos Farms honey, insane!

John Martin

Coconut ice cream made with half cream and half coconut milk with toasted coconut flakes and dark chocolate shards!! (Who’s John Martin?)

Brown Sugar Banana

Fresh banana ice cream made with our homemade dark brown sugar…heaven. Try this with our Nutella cream sauce!!

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Black Pepper Pistachio

We use only pistachios in this ice cream. Most “pistachio” ice cream is at least 50% almond flavoring. Not ours, it’s all California Pistachio with pieces of roasted pistachios and a hint of black pepper that really makes the flavor pop!

Pineapple Whip (VEGAN)

Our ode to Disneyland’s famed Pineapple Whip, but with a subtle coconut twist.

Horchata – Vegan

Organic coconut milk based with a touch of vanilla and steeped with cinnamon sticks.  Super smooth and yummy!!