Rori Who?

Rori isn’t just a name, she’s a person, with a ton of experience and amazing taste buds!

Rori Trovato makes all the ice cream, cookies, cones and candy recipes that go into all our products and spends long hours developing the flavor balance that makes Rori’s Artisanal Creamery so unique. No skimping, intensity grabs you at the first lick. You are overwhelmed with senses and actually experience the back notes. This isn’t just sophisticated food talk, it’s really true. That’s what we want, an explosive enjoyment that drifts you away from whatever is bogging you down. Our motto is to have our customers fall in love with our passion for great flavor and for each customer that comes through our doors to have a huge experience and leave feeling better about life at large! Is that too much to ask for in an ice cream… we think not. Once you try just one of our flavors you’ll know, we aren’t jokin’ around, this is how true inner peace must taste! So, THAT’s why we kick ass! Just ask anyone in line, that’s what they’re waiting for, and believe it’s well worth it!

Our Partnerships

Our wholeness as a company is only due to the sum of all our partners.

When Rori started the creamery she had very distinct flavor profiles so it took lots of research and development to find the exact right sources that met her high standards. We spent many, many hours and made many, many batches of ice cream… and gained many, many pounds trying to get the right match for us!

The partners we have all been hand selected and we all share the same integrity about our crafts. Our partners have helped us grow-up, we’ve learned so much through the years.

We use a local California Central Coast dairy for all our cream and milk. All the cows are grass fed Jersey and Holstein cows. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used. All our lavender, lemons, cherries, herbs and berries we have partnered with local central and southern Californian farmers to bring Rori’s the freshest, tastiest produce available. We love our partners and appreciate their knowledge and pride which allows us to maintain ours. Our goal is to keep it real and with their help we can and you can taste it with every bite.

Our Quality

Our milk is what Rori’s is all about, we’re a creamery for God’s sake!

Our ingredients are not boiled, sous-vide, grilled, injected, or flambéed, it’s just the milk, cream and the wholesome ingredients we use to enhance the flavor. Because we allow the ingredients to speak for themselves they have be the best, that’s why we use local cows for our milk products, local fruits, flowers and herbs.

All of our ice cream is made in small batches, that way we rely on the quality of what we put into our machines to make the creamiest ice cream and not the strength of the machine. We could get all tech-y and talk about overrun and rpms and water verses air cooled machines and the fact that we use the only US made and bar non the best batch freezer there is but… the long and the short of it is… we put in the best to get out the best.